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Activities available all year round

Forest Walk                                        


At Glencoe one of our priorities is to make sure that an introduction to any activity is fun and that each person is inspired to take the very next opportunity to further their experience.


Why chose Forest Walk? Our introduction to walking is a very wet and muddy circuit of a local forest where participants are encouraged to experience the natural surroundings to the full and to get up close with the natural elements.


Staff team comment – Hidden in the deep dark depths of a highland forest lies a secluded muddy trail. To get to the end of the trail back to the awaiting minibus to take you back to centre you will be wading through water, commando crawling through mud, clambering under trees and scrambling through tunnels of trees.

Mountain Biking


Mountain biking takes place on the local Glencoe trails using our fleet of ‘specialised’ mountain bikes. Instruction is provided by qualified British Cycling Mountain Bike Leaders. 


Why include biking in your programme? Learn to ride a bike, experience off road cycling and improve your biking skills.

‘Thanks for teaching me how to ride a bike' Primary pupils

'Mountain biking was amazing!'   'The bikes were the best piece of gear.' 

Indoor Climbing at the Ice Factor     


Indoor climbing is available in Winter or on days when it’s just too wet and windy to climb outside.


The indoor venue is the superb facility the Ice Factor whose rock walls were designed following extensive consultation with the Mountaineering Council, a number of guides, instructors and mountain rescue teams. This ensures that whether you’re a complete beginner looking to take your first steps on the rock, or a gnarly hard-core climber looking to push your grade, Ice Factor has a range of routes, grades and challenges to suit. The walls are open and flooded with natural light to create a great atmosphere in which to learn or push on and improve as a climber.

The Ice Factor is located in Kinlochleven, just 7 miles from the Centre.


All rock activities are run by Mountaineering Scotland approved qualified staff (minimum of single pitch award). 

Team building challenges including:

How Do We Do That? Search & Rescue, Raft building and Team build/personal development                             

Team challenges are designed to encourage team work, leadership skills, innovation and personal development and are an essential part of every Glencoe Outdoor Learning programme.


How Do We Do That?

Each group creates a team charter, then starts with short introductory challenges followed by longer more complex challenges in the centre grounds facilitated by the group instructor. An essential part of each outdoor learning programme which sets the group up to work well as a team in all other activities.

Search & Rescue

1st aid, navigation skills and stretcher building prepare the group to go out on a Glencoe Mountain rescue to recover a stricken bird watcher! Very real life skills are learned in this activity.


Raft building

One of our most creative activities, Raft Building allows groups to work together (often in competitive teams) to use limited resources to build a raft and travel a certain distance on it.  Raft building allows participants to develop their teamwork skills and provides great amusement for all involved as groups see which ideas work well and which ideas less well!  A safety boat accompanies the teams when they go afloat. 


Team building and Personal development are a hall mark of all Glencoe Outdoor Learning courses but a tailor made programme can be created to hone these skills. Programmes have been created for secondary aged students to a multinational corporation client who participated in Glencoe Applied leadership training as part of their project management training and qualifications. Please contact us to discuss how we can work with you to create your team development course.



Orienteering sessions are tailored to primary or secondary aged young people and can be incorporated into schools or youth group outdoor learning programmes and personal development courses.


Why include orienteering? Map reading, compass and pacing skills together with an individual or group competition.


Our orienteering courses are in the Centre grounds and in the forest around the Glencoe Lochan

Camp Fires                               


Camp fires are an amazing way to share an evening - singing songs, toasting marshmallows and just enjoying more time outdoors!


Summer and Winter camp fires take place in the centre grounds fire pit.

Super great, food was delicious, campfire was good, really kind staff, best place I’ve been. Loved all the activities. Dinner was epic. I thought it was going to be bad but it was good. Primary pupils



Archery at Glencoe takes place in Centre grounds and is run by Archery GB Instructor qualified group instructors. Archery continues to be one of our most popular activities for all school groups due to the huge progress in skill level which can be made by all participants during a single session. 


A group leader is requested to accompany the group on this activity. Where no group leader is available a second group instructor will accompany the group.


'I loved it and really liked archery & might continue with archery' Glasgow primary school pupil

Shore Watch  


‘Shore watch’ sessions are tailored to primary aged school children and can be incorporated into a school’s outdoor learning programme. All loch based activity sessions encourage the participants to explore and study the natural & man made marine environment.


Shore watch studies can include: tides, visit to beach for zonation & identification of shore life, sea creature art work and environmental sense games on the beach. 

Outdoor Learning for schools                               


Glencoe Outdoor Learning programmes embrace an approach to learning that:

Involves being outdoors as a central part of the experience; Is open to all; seeks to transform the experience into knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours; involves physical activity, respects the natural environment and has a challenging and adventurous component.

Fantastic stay. I cannot praise the instructors and staff highly enough. The children had an incredible time and I’ve seen them grow in confidence and tackle things they never thought possible. Thank you so much for looking after us - we will hopefully see you soon! Glasgow Primary School Teacher

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