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Safety, Fun and Learning

Safety is paramount at Glencoe Outdoor Centre. We have been an Adventure Activity Licensed provider since 1996 and are subject to an AALS annual inspection of our operating procedures, risk assessments and staff competencies.


The aim of the adventure activities licensing scheme is to give assurance that good safety management practice is being followed so that young people can continue to have opportunities to experience exciting, stimulating and fun activities outdoors while not being exposed to avoidable risks.


Glencoe Outdoor Centre

Provider Reference Number: R0601

Is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority as licensed to provide specified activities under the following headings:

Climbing; Trekking; Watersports


Licence details can be confirmed by:

  1. Referring to the on-line register of Licence Holders

  2. Calling the Licensing Service. Tel: 029 2075 57

Pastoral care of students was excellent. Found balance between safety, fun and adventure. Catered for all levels of ability. Excellent experience – thanks.   Steiner School teacher June 21


At Glencoe one of our priorities is to make sure that an introduction to any activity is fun and that each person is inspired to take the very next opportunity to further their experience.

'Best week ever happened to me, it was fun but we learned a lot. Thanks to my instructor for being our leader and everyone for having us'. Highland Primary School pupil. 

I loved the great staff and the super fun activities. I liked everything."

"I feel it makes it more fun when your friends are here with you.

Overall a great experience and lots of fun. Brilliant food great staff, overall brilliant."

Highland Primary school pupils

I think it was really good because my main aim was to have fun and it certainly exceeded my expectation. Thank you very much to all the staff because you kept me happy. Thank you.

Yorkshire Prep School pupil. 

A great experience for the pupils and us. Thank you for your enthusiasm and making the trip

great funFabulous time! Kids really enjoyed themselves and the instructors were brilliant

with the kids – very encouraging, patient & friendly and professional! A great visit. Thanks to all!

All staff were excellent, friendly, great fun and professional at all times. It is a pleasure to visit here

again & again.

Teachers Glasgow Primary school

'You have helped and supported me all through the week'.

'The staff were friendly and joyful, the activities were excitable'.

'A very active and fun place to stay and very organised'.

'The bikes were the best piece of gear. 'The staff made me comfortable.

'I would recommend you because you inspire others to go outdoors'.

Comments Gloucestershire primary school pupils

'In the leaver’s assembly back in July it was their week in Glencoe which got more mentions than anything else in their entire 7 years at school. You did a wonderful job in giving them adventures but also just wonderful experiences including food! Thank you very much. I think I can speak for all the parents in saying carry on doing whatever you’re doing and huge thanks.'

Gloucestershire primary school parent


Glencoe Outdoor Centre 'Theory of Change'  This is the thinking behind the change we want to achieve for our learners. It is the rationale upon which our work is based.

Theory of Change Graphic (on rock).JPG

Glencoe Outdoor Learning programmes embrace an approach to learning that:

Involves being outdoors as a central part of the experience; Is open to all; seeks to transform the experience into knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours; involves physical activity, respects the natural environment and has a challenging and adventurous component.


My third visit to G.O.C and it didn’t disappoint! As before, staff all super friendly, demonstrating fantastic qualities: - Patience, communication skills, empathy, understanding. Children tried every activity and I could see their confidence grow as week progressed - thank you. In particular, I am impressed with the young group instructors- their maturity and calm attitude-thank you!

Great welcome. Well looked after by old friends and new. Highly recommended. Great learning experiences provided. All students very positive about their visit. Memorable trip.

Teachers Glasgow Primary School

'I loved staying at Glencoe'.   'You’re not going to be excluded as the people around you WILL support YOU!'   'You did a good job on making it fun and and safe'

'Good job at teaching us skills and keep encouraging others to love and appreciate nature'

'The activities were really good'.   'The staff were really friendly and encouraging'.   'I really enjoyed the whole week and I would really like to come again'.   'This week was awesome'.   'I’ve definitely Boosted my confidence of taking part in the activities and I feel really proud!!'   'The staff were also a great help and they were really encouraging. I love Glencoe.'   'Made me want to go outside more'

Pupils Glasgow Primary Schools


Curriculum for Excellence and Outdoor Learning Residentials

We partner with schools toward the goal of attainment within Curriculum for Excellence. Our programmes are characterised by its design principles and the capacities are incorporated into each activity and the overall residential experience - in particular:

Health and wellbeing: mental & emotional wellbeing, social wellbeing and physical wellbeing;

Literacy & English: listening and talking;

Religious and moral education: Christianity - Beliefs, values and issues, practices and traditions.

"For many staff and pupils an outdoor residential experience is one of the highlights of the school year. Many practitioners find organising an outdoor residential experience thoroughly worthwhile because of the long-lasting impact on young people. The combination of special activities with the shared experience of living and working with peers makes a residential stay a unique outdoor learning opportunity for every young person."

Outdoor learning Practical guidance, ideas and support for teachers and practitioners in Scotland, Education Scotland


The core values of Curriculum for Excellence echo the key concepts of outdoor learning: challenge, enjoyment, relevance, depth, development of the whole person and an adventurous approach to learning”. Learning and Teaching Scotland 2010

“Outdoor learning experiences are often remembered for a lifetime. Integrating learning and outdoor experiences, whether through play in the immediate grounds or adventures further afield, provides relevance and depth to the curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve indoors. Learning outdoors can be enjoyable, creative, challenging and adventurous and helps children and young people learn by experience and grow as confident and responsible citizens who value and appreciate the spectacular landscapes, natural heritage and culture of Scotland”.

Learning and Teaching Scotland 2010

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