Outdoor Learning Day Trips

Glencoe Outdoor Learning programmes embrace an approach to learning that:

'Involves being outdoors as a central part of the experience; Is open to all; seeks to transform the experience into knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours; involves physical activity, respects the natural environment and has a challenging and adventurous component'.

Bring your school to Glencoe for a day of outdoor learning 


for a bespoke outdoor learning experience we work with you to tailor the optimum programmes to suit your needs.


or a one off activity session for those looking for specific outdoor skills training.


Glencoe Outdoor Centre has been an Adventure Activity Licensed provider since 1996 and are subject to an AALS annual inspection of our operating procedures, risk assessments and staff competencies.

The aim of the adventure activities licensing scheme is to give assurance that good safety management practice is being followed so that young people can continue to have opportunities to experience exciting, stimulating and fun activities outdoors while not being exposed to avoidable risks. 



Curriculum for Excellence

We partner with schools toward the goal of attainment within Curriculum for Excellence. Our programmes are characterised by its design principles and the capacities are incorporated into each activity - in particular:

Health and wellbeing: mental & emotional wellbeing, social wellbeing and physical wellbeing;

Literacy & English: listening and talking.