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Outdoor Personal Development Courses

Glencoe Outdoor Personal Development Courses embrace an approach to learning that:

'Involves being outdoors as a central part of the experience; is open to all; seeks to transform the experience into knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours; involves physical activity, respects the natural environment and has a challenging and adventurous component'.

School Testimonials:

'Very good range of activities. Leaders were very supportive, patient, and excellent at motivating the most challenging of our group. Hope to come back soon and do it all again!'


'Thoroughly enjoyed the time here. There was a great range of activities - liked the variety and the full programme. Instructor were very encouraging and enthusiastic which is great for the pupils getting involved.  Thank you!'

Teachers Aberdeen Academy March 2019

'Made lots of new friends and bonded with people I didn't think I would. Great food. Really nice and helpful instructors.' I enjoyed the activity centre and I would like to come back again. My favourite activity was biking and canoeing.'

Pupils Aberdeen Academy March 2019

Return from overnight Mountain Bike Expedition   May 2017
School testimonials

'Fantastic week, educational, fun, uplifting experience. Will be arranging another stay as soon as possible. Staff are exceptional, with real human touch. Amazing and THANK YOU.'

Mr AbdulAleem, Teacher 

Falinge Park High School May 2017

'I would recommend this to other people my age because it teaches you a lot about what you can be capable of.'   Pupil, Falinge Park High School May 2017.

'I enjoyed this week. Canyoning was the best and most amazing experience I have ever had and I'd definitely recommend you to others.' Pupil, Falinge Park High School May 2017.

'Absolutely fantastic time had by all staff and students. Everyone involved has grown a little more this week!' 

Mr Ashton, Teacher

Falinge Park High School May 2017

Young adults affected by disability on a play and leisure break February 2018

This is a beautiful place. I enjoyed my time here, the staff was great funny. I hope to come back here. Thank you. Loved everything! Enjoyed my stay! My favourite activity was wall climbing. The staff were great. Young adults

Fabulous weekend, staff were amazing with young people and catered to their individual needs. Thank you! Very enjoyable time, all staff were very helpful and were very accommodating of everyone’s needs. The staff are all round excellent at their jobs and understanding of the needs of our group and I had great fun.

Group leaders February 2018

Skiing at Nevis Range  February 2018
Each Personal Development Course includes:

     Individual Skills Training                                                          Achievement


            Development of  Leadership Skills by passing on skills knowledge to other members of your team

                Fun​                                          Challenge and  Adventure                      

Team work - Team work represents a set of values that encourages behaviours such as: Listening; Constructively responding to points of view expressed by others; Giving others the benefit of the doubt; Providing support to those who need it and Recognising the interest & achievements of others.

Learning about keeping yourself safe and the benefits of controlled risk.

Experience of the amazing Natural landscape of Glencoe.  

Brilliant Residentials

Glencoe Outdoor Centre endorses the 'Brilliant Residentials' key recommendations and welcomes their findings & evidence as to the benefit of school residentials. Please contact us if you would like assistance with planning or designing your school residential.

Outdoor Learning 

Glencoe Outdoor Centre 'Theory of Change'  This is the thinking behind the change we want to achieve for our learners. It is the rationale upon which our work is based.

GOC Theory of Change.png
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